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We are The Healthy Game Team.


When I was in high school my grandmother constantly accused me of being anorexic. I admit I was a picky eater, but I ate plenty and was active. Then I went to college and gained 15 pounds. It may have been the lack of exercise, the increase in alcohol and the fact that I became a "vegetarian" (I couldn't afford meat; I did not like vegetables and so I lived on bread and pasta).


I moved to Colorado from Texas and dropped weight just from being more active, but my diet didn't improve. In fact, for a while I prided myself on not dieting, not counting calories and not being "one of those girls." You know the type - the ones that always order salad with dressing on the side for lunch, they don't chow down on fried foods, and they make sure that they go to the gym every day. Then in 2008 I was diagnosed with MS and everything changed. It was probably one of the low points in my life. I went on medication that my body didn't agree with, I was always tired, my marriage fell apart, and I was as depressed as I have ever been.


One year later I stopped taking the medication, changed my diet completely and began exercising everyday. With the help of friends, family and proper nutrition I got my life back. A year after my dramatic change, I haven't had a relapse, I have plenty of energy and I am extraordinarily passionate about health and wellness and helping people overcome their setbacks.


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I LOVE being outdoors. Given a choice, I would be outside every second of the day, rain or shine.  Whether it is fishing on the river, skiing a mountain, or hiking a trail I am your man. In order to pay the bills and be able to enjoy what I love, I am working in the corporate world.


I was in a severe car accident in 2006 and have struggled on and off due to those injuries. It was particularly frustrating not to be able to fully enjoy my outdoor activities due to the residual effects of that accident.  When my wife, Roxanne, began a search for answers to her health issues, I jumped on board. I was surprised to discover how the proper nutrition made a difference in my life.  Having a healthy body allowed me to not only resume my activities but to enjoy them at a new level, even out-hiking people much younger than myself.


I am passionate about getting everyone outdoors, being healthy and enjoying life. I love to teach others of any age and encourage them to succeed. As part of my dedication to serving others, I oversee a large community garden with Roxanne and love sharing tips and tricks to get the best garden possible. I am always available to answer questions on gardening, being outdoors or sharing how being healthy upped the scale for me. It has changed my life and I believe I can show others how they can change theirs.




I have been involved in commercial insurance and real estate for over 20 years. As a native of Colorado, I have always been active; enjoying skiing in the winter and lifeguarding, hiking, biking and camping in the summer. When I met my husband, Brian, the adventures and activity only increased as he is an avid outdoorsman who loves to teach others how to enjoy the outdoors.


A few years ago, the stress created by my job started affecting my health, causing it hard for me to be active and so I started looking for answers. The answer came back to nutrition and what I was not getting from eating what can be found at the local grocery store. I went back to my roots, growing and  properly preserving fruit and vegetables, eating wild game; and adding essential nutrients enabling me to be active again.


I have always been devoted to serving others. I’ve watch the scales go up and down without answers and with my health returning, I want to encourage others to be the best ‘them’ they can be. I pay attention to the needs of others and can offer encouragement and support to others and they find their own physical and financial health.



I worked for years as a manager and trainer in the insurance industry. My passion has always been to assist people reach their true potential. I heard many times that I spent more time helping other people be successful than focusing on what I should be doing for me to be successful. I am now taking my vision and passion and turning my dreams into success. I founded A Healthy Game in order to help as many people as possible reach their physical and financial goals. 


For as long as I can remember I have struggled with emotional eating. What does being hungry have to do with eating?  I tried every diet, pill and miracle cure to come along. In my journey to find myself I have now embraced my own power. I am giving up stress, worry and anxiety, eliminating the need for "refrigerator fulfillment." I have lost and found pounds numerous times in my life but know this time I am 'releasing' (never to return) pounds and replacing them with internal peace. I am truly blessed to be making this journey with an awesome team!

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